G418: Snap Circuits Jr

G418: Snap Circuits Jr
G418: Snap Circuits Jr

Key data

Category: G4 - Science

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 8+

Number of pieces: 34

Number of unique pieces: 25


1 Booklet Guide

1 Laminated Guide of Parts

1 Base Grid

3 1-Snap Wire (#1)

6 2-Snap Wire (#2)

3 3-Snap Wire (#3)

1 4-Snap Wire (#4)

1 5-Snap Wire (#5)

1 6-Snap Wire (#6)

1 Whistle Chp (WC)

1 Slide Switch (S1)

1 Press Switch (S2)

1 Photoresistor (RP)

1 Red Light emitting Diode (LED) (D1)

1 2.5V Lamp (L1) (1 currently missing)

1 Size AA Battery Holder (B1)

1 Speaker (SP)

1 Music Integrated Circuit (U1)

1 Alarm Integrated Circuit (U2)

1 Space War Integrated Circuit (U3)

1 Fan Motor (M1)

1 Fan Propeller (M1)

1 100 amp Resistor (R1)

1 Black Jumper Wire

1 Red Jumper Wire


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Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: This set is for children 8 years old and over - not suitable for use by younger children. The pieces in this set are not marked with a toy library ID. Please take care of them and pack them away when they are not in use.