C252: Quadrilla Cliffhanger Marble Run

Key data

Category: C2 - Construction.

Location: I (In library)

Shelf Location:

Instructions: INSTRUCTIONS

Age range: 4+years

Number of pieces: 94

Number of unique pieces: 19


1 Instruction Guide

50 Marbles (in bag) (1 currently missing)

1 Round Spiral Track Piece

3 Curved Track Pieces

2 Blue Block Pieces

3 Teal Block Pieces

1 Green Block Pieces

2 Yellow Block Pieces

2 Orange Block Pieces

1 Red Block Pieces

3 Cream Block Pieces

8 Small Purple Spacer Pieces

4 Small Cream Spacer Pieces

2 Cream Round Track Plugs

1 Orange Marble Collector Base

6 Red Ramp Pieces

1 Straight Track piece

1 Blue Spiral Ramp piece

2 Green Curved Ramp pieces



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